Two men shaking hands in an office after a job interview from a locally sourced job listing in Columbus, Ohio

Choosing Between Local or National Job Boards

Getting a job is becoming increasingly difficult due ongoing economic downtrend. Fortunately, we have job boards to facilitate the process of job search. Yet, a lot of jobseekers are not sure of where to look for job openings and post their resumes. The available two options comprise of job boards announcing jobs at a local level and the national/international level.

It’s a bit too difficult to confirm which is better on the whole, as many parts of the country don’t have job boards, while others have quite a few that display jobs available in all kinds of industries. But then, each kind of job board has its advantages and limitations.


People interested or qualified for jobs or small businesses can very well look for jobs sitting at home by searching local job boards. Local boards are most frequently patronized by small businesses or companies as they find such boards very economical and wouldn’t generally expect outstation candidates to apply for the kind of jobs openings they usually have. The benefit of local job boards for jobseekers is that the number of candidates is not too large, as only local candidates would apply for such jobs.


Job openings announced on national job boards naturally draw a wider audience because they get more exposure. That surely benefits the advertisers, as they get numerous people applying for jobs, thus giving them more options for choosing the most suitable candidate. It also benefits the jobseekers in the sense that they get more opportunities for applying for jobs, provided they are willing to move to a different city.

Major Players

This is a widely debated topic as people have their own opinion on this. Nevertheless, it remains important to understand and find out where foremost employers or headhunters prefer to post their job openings. There is little doubt that bigger companies, needing a larger number of people, prefer to employ national job boards. It is very unlikely for bigger companies to patronize national job boards for hiring one or two people, except when they are looking for highly specialized or qualified professionals. But whenever large corporations need a lot of new people, they would depend on national boards. That’s the reason that national boards are often favored by foremost companies, though at times they may use local job boards too.


Well, ideally, both types of job boards should be employed. But that may not be financially viable for many. The final decision rests with the jobseeker. People wanting to remain local should employ local boards, while those willing to relocate would better utilize national job boards.



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