In the tech community, it’s typical of a professional to have a personal website, PDF resume, personal .com email address (i.e. not @yahoo, @aol or @hotmail) and an online bio or online portfolio for the public to see. Some can even be easily found on Google just by searching for their first and last name.

If you’re one of the unemployed masses, we can help you starting today. Our tech & web savvy staff can help you put together a personal website, complete with online resume, personal email address and more. If you’re concerned with how a potential employer might view you before an interview, we are here to help. We will set you up with an online reputation second to none. Even starting with a just a personal .com domain name and email address can help set you apart.

What we can do for you:

  • Show you how to create an attractive resume/portfolio website.
  • Help you register a personal .com or other web address. Ex:
  • Help you set up your personal .com email address. Ex:
  • Show you how to set up Google Alerts for certain keywords on job sites.
  • Show you how to use RSS readers to automatically receive new job postings from job boards without visiting the website every day. PDF Presentation
  • How to set a proper email signature with your name, phone number, personal email address and website.
  • How to include a link to your resume in your email signature.
  • How to set proper privacy settings on Facebook to make yourself presentable to a potential employer.
  • How to send and receive email from your personal .com email on your iPhone/BlackBerry/Android phone.

Of course, these are just small steps in the job seeking process, but we feel these few techniques will give you a great advantage to landing a new job. We of course don’t believe a lack of IT skills is what stops people from getting a job, but completing these steps will certainly help you get a step ahead of the competition.

Ready to jump start your career? Contact us for our rates and packages today.