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Practical Guide for a Successful Job Search

The following list of job search tips has been gathered from numerous career experts. These tips were made with active job hunters in mind.

If there are any tips you see below that you’re not using, try them. You never know. Switching up your current job search methods could be the break you need to land that new job. It certainly couldn’t hurt.

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Twitter is actually a solid resource to use. It can be used to quickly reach a large audience, and through hashtags it can attract potential employers. While you search and follow companies you’re trying to apply to, you also create networks of recruiters and other people in your field of interest to develop contacts.

Create a personal brand. Focus on building and hyping up your own brand to create a unique identifier that people will instantly relate to you. Spread it around the industry to draw in employers, rather than waiting for them to contact you on an off chance. This places the field in your hands, rather than employers having full authority.

Think outside of the box while remembering what’s inside. Using conventional methods may not work for everyone, so try to expand your job search preferences. Use social networking to your advantage, and market yourself in ways other job searchers are not. Use that unique brand mentioned to create your own identity, and have that market itself to potential employers. Be sure to attend job fairs as well, or just spread the word to anybody you can talk to. The more you expand, the greater your chances of succeeding.

Rely on a professional network to get information other people can’t find. If you know someone in a higher position at a company, ask them about current hiring needs or any upcoming events or job fairs. LinkedIn is a great way to connect to people that can get this information for you, and ensure it is always up to date. Make sure you let employers know not only your skills, but how you can actually be an asset to the company, rather than just another employee.

Digital resumes are becoming more important with the rise of technology in business. This would allow you to add media files, such as projects, presentations, or videos you’ve worked on previously, rather than the standard black and white paper a print resume consists of. Keep this updated online with a professional online profile, and be sure to include all of your contact information, such as e-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn, and an active phone number.

Keywords are very important. Every industry has certain words and phrases that are included in most job postings. Use those in your profile and resume, and you will be able to match much more easily with an online job posting. This will also show employers you took the time to read and analyze their job posting before simply dropping an application and leaving. Using these keywords will also show you have some knowledge in the field, and can boost your chances of being hired.

Use as many resources as you can. While job postings and public networks are great, be sure to contact any job offices at your college or university, customer service representatives for the companies you’re interested in, and anybody else you can find that could have information on the field. Every single resource should be tapped.

You need to keep a good outlook on things. A positive attitude is possibly the most important thing about any job search. While it may seem hopeless due to the thousands of others looking for jobs, never give up. Keep focused on your goal, and make sure you sound enthusiastic when talking to any professionals in the field. An active conversation could be the thing that tips the employer in your favor.

Hopefully, this guide above will help you the next time you are looking for jobs in Columbus. And don’t forget: our job board can help you find your desired opportunity, even if you’re interested in jobs at OSU!

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