The Ohio WIC Program is building a solution to replace the current paper-based food benefit issuance and redemption processes used today.​ The new solution is referred to as Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT).​ This solution uses a smartcard to store and retrieve benefit information that participants can use in grocery stores in the State of Ohio to purchase prescribed foods.​ Grocers can receive payment for these items through an electronic submission process that is more efficient and cost effective than the current paper-based process.​


The staff working on this project will be assigned tasks to create the solutions that manages these benefits in the WIC Clinics and manages the benefit issuance and redemptions processes at ODH.​ The primary application has a web-based frontend with SQL backend processing.​


The Programmer is responsible for analysis, design, coding, component and assembly testing of all application code owned by the Application Team.​ Programmers are involved in maintenance (including production support), enhancement and development work.​ Programmers have a range of skills and knowledge of the technologies used and applications supported by the Application Team.​ Programmers will receive direction from WIC System Architect on high level assignments.​ These assignments will need to be completed following a Scrum methodology.​ Team members work in pairs on assignments and are able to divide work between themselves to accomplish the sprint goals.​ The Product Owner is involved daily and is able to provide additional guidance when questions arise.​


Role Description:

Proven track record of hands-on technical design and code work within large complex systems

Proven hands-on technical work with a variety of technologies

Demonstrated technical expertise integrating a variety of diverse technical environments and cross-platform technologies.​

Proven experience mentoring and performing supervisory functions for technical teams

Ability to make best practice recommendations based upon past work

Proven ability to present complex technical constructs to business and non-technical users

Proven ability to collaborate with business users, project managers and technical architects


Mandatory skills:

Ø  Microsoft SQL environment (2008, 2012)

Ø  ASP.​Net

Ø  C# programming language

Ø  MS SQL stored procedures, triggers, queries, indexing, performance tuning for transaction processing systems

Ø  Database Design for transaction processing systems

Ø  Web interface development with large databases

Ø  Transactional processing, Electronic Cash Register, POS or e-commerce experience

Ø  Experience with batch processing techniques

Ø  SmartCard experience

Ø  Practical experience working as a developer on an Scrum development team

Ø  Excellent communication skills

Ø  Practical MVC experience